Technology Law

Technological advancements often create uncharted or unanticipated legal questions for businesses. From traditional hardware and software matters, including software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreements, for companies to working with evolving technological developments in fintech, drones (UAS), and the Internet of Things (IoT), the attorneys in Greer, Herz & Adams, LLP’s technology practice draw on years of experience helping clients successfully navigate technological change.

Our legal team leverages its considerable expertise when advising companies in employment, healthcare, privacy, finance and general business matters. Our attorneys are comfortable thinking in terms of terabytes of data and dealing with technical business issues, negotiations and conflicts regardless of traditional or geographic boundaries. We have deep experience with novel questions that may arise.

Our attorneys’ expertise includes:

  • Litigation regarding fraudulent access to secured computer and satellite systems
  • Rights and obligations for maintaining electronic and computer data privacy
  • Negotiating hardware and software usage and acquisition agreements and licenses
  • Resolving employment and related privacy issues that accompany new technologies
  • Negotiating software development contracts and service agreements
  • Handling subpoenas and discovery disputes over massive and sensitive data requests
  • Assuring data storage compliance with state and federal regulations

Whether your business is dealing with a new technological issue or you need a team to tackle your related disputes, Greer Herz can provide guidance and trusted counsel.

For more information on our Technology Law practice, please contact one of our attorneys below today: