Property Tax Litigation

Greer, Herz & Adams, LLP represents appraisal districts and property owners in property valuation disputes. On behalf of appraisal districts, we advise them in both personal and real property assessment, including industrial and commercial properties.  For property owners, we assist and advise them on challenging business and personal property valuations in administrative and judicial proceedings, including challenges to assessments, inappropriate valuations, and in pursuit of exemptions.

With their substantial expertise, Greer Herz attorneys routinely serve as trusted advisors to appraisal districts in a variety of different tax contexts. As a result, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to provide clients with efficient and effective representation in ad valorem tax matters, including:

  • Appeals of Appraisal Review Board orders under the Texas Property Tax Code;
  • Appeals of court orders and/or verdicts to various Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Texas;
  • Compliance with Freedom of Information Act requests; and
  • Analysis of the Texas Property Tax Code.

For more information on our Property Tax Litigation practice, please contact one of our attorneys below today: