Creditor Rights & Bankruptcy Litigation Law

The attorneys at Greer, Herz & Adams, LLP are dedicated to representing the interests of clients throughout all stages of bankruptcy litigation.

Our attorneys fight to protect the rights of creditors, including banks and insurance companies, in various bankruptcy matters, such as commercial real estate loans for shopping mall, strip center, and hotel projects. Greer Herz attorneys also represent banks in cases involving consumer loans related to residential real estate and personal property.

Skilled litigators, our attorneys also defend clients facing litigation related to preference actions, claims of fraudulent transfers, and issues involving guarantors in courts throughout Texas and the federal system.

Recognizing that protracted litigation is not always in the best interest of clients, our attorneys are deft negotiators, securing multimillion-dollar settlements that allow clients to successfully move forward from difficult business disputes.

For more information on our Creditor Rights & Bankruptcy Litigation Law practice, please contact one of our attorneys below today: