Porretto Beach Case Argued before the Texas Supreme Court

Andrew J. Mytelka argued before the Texas Supreme Court in Williams, et al. vs. Texas General Land Office, et al., Case No. 12-0483 on November 5, 2013, asking the Court to reinstate a $5 million jury award issued in 2009, after the trial court found the State had wrongfully taken private beach property owned by Sonya Porretto. Mr. Mytelka argued that the State, through the Texas General Land Office, wrongfully took private property by instructing the County to replace the private landowner’s name with the State’s name in County tax rolls, by leasing private property, by authorizing the alteration of the shoreline through beach renourishment without surveying the proper shoreline boundary, and through several public rejections of the Porretto family’s ownership. The State’s actions quashed several offers to purchase the property.

The GH&A team appearing before the Texas Supreme Court included Andrew J. Mytelka, Stephen G. Schulz and Angie Olalde.