New Partner Announced
January 2023

The firm is happy to announce that Joe Cavanah was named partner in the firm, effective January 1, 2023. Joe joined the firm as an associate in 2013, after graduating from Tulane University Law School. Over the past ten years, Joe has provided counsel to hundreds of clients on issues ranging from fiduciary disputes, maritime matters, insurance coverage, regulatory audits and examinations. Joe also enjoys litigating in the courtroom and before state and federal appellate courts. In fact, he recently helped one of our client’s obtain a favorable ruling from the Texas Supreme Court.

Joe also earned his peers’ recognition as Galveston’s Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year in 2017, before being elected as a Director of the Galveston County Bar. Joe is most proud to have served as an attorney ad litem for over four years, assisting numerous families and individuals throughout Galveston County.  Prior to becoming an attorney, Joe served in the United States Navy.  The firm is pleased to announce Joe join as a partner.  We look forward to many years of working with him and the service he will continue to provide to our clients.