John A. Buckley, Jr. Announces Retirement
December 2017

After 34 years with Greer, Herz and Adams, LLP our good friend and valued partner, John A. Buckley, Jr., has retired from the firm effective December 31, 2017. We will all miss John and the many resources he made available to the attorneys and staff working here.

While attending The University of Texas Law School, John interned with the Texas Youth Council as it was implementing the changes Ordered by U.S. District Judge William Wayne Justice. He also interned at the Travis County Juvenile Defender’s Office. On graduating from Law School and getting his Texas license, John accepted the position of General Counsel for the Texas Civil Liberties Union. Several of his cases involved suing public entities who retaliated against public servants and individuals who voiced complaints. He served as lead or co-counsel on several writs of habeas corpus successfully challenging the death penalty.

John left the TCLU and took the position as Managing Attorney for the East Texas Legal Services Office in Texarkana. He got his Arkansas license and practiced on both sides of the Texas/Arkansas border. After leaving Legal Services John hung out his shingle in Texarkana, Arkansas and tried civil and criminal cases in both Texas and Arkansas State and Federal Courts. In 1984 he returned to his home town, Galveston, Texas and began his career at what was then called “Dibrell, Dibrell, Greer & Brown”, then “Dibrell & Greer”, then “Greer, Foutch, Herz & Adams” and now for over 20 years, “Greer Herz & Adams”.

During his career with GHA, John was involved in numerous civil trials. His trial experience provided him the qualifications to become Board Certified in Civil Trial work in which he has been certified for over 20 years. He has represented clients in commercial and residential construction defects, real property disputes and business transactions. He tried cases involving deceptive trade practices and insurance bad faith and fiduciary disputes. He has served as attorney ad litem in numerous Guardianship proceedings, often waiving his fee so as not to impose additional financial burdens on families who are dealing with emotionally draining issues. For the last ten years, he supervised the health care liability claims asserted against a nursing home chain.

He also represented clients in personal injury cases, involving car defects, electrocution, grain elevator conveyors and gas pipeline safety. He has had the opportunity of learning from such co-counsel as Joe Jamail, Broadus Spivey and Andy Mytelka. His clients are personal to him and he has valued their trust and friendship.

In addition to meeting the demands of an active Trial Practice, John is the loving husband of Diana Dettling Buckley and the proud father of John A. Buckley, II and Mary Elizabeth Buckley and step father of Joseph Cheadester Blue. Both John II and Mary followed in their father’s footsteps and went to law school. Both are licensed in Texas. John II practices law in Texas. Mary took the “me too” step and is licensed to practice law and lives in Arkansas. Joseph has followed the outdoorsman trait and lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

John is an active member of the Galveston County legal community. He served as Director and President of the Galveston County Bar Association and as chair of the State Bar Grievance Committee for Galveston County. He has been and continues to be an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston School of Law where he has taught the PreTrial Litigation course for over 15 years. In addition he has been a frequent instructor at the NITA Deposition Course given in Houston.

John was active in the Boy Scouts of America serving as District Chairman, received the District Award of Merit and earned his Wood Badge the same year his son received his Eagle award. John is an avid outdoorsman. He is a life member of both the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the National Rifle Association.

John and Diana will continue to live in the Clear Lake Area with more frequent trips to Alberta Canada and Alexandria, Egypt where Diana‘s three children Nicole, James and Monique and their families live. John intends to write commentaries and memoirs about cases and courtroom experiences many of which he has experienced He will continue to take consults from attorneys and Of Counsel representations with Greer, Herz & Adams., LLP on a case by case basis.

You can contact John at or 832 459 9775.